Our transformational investor training program offers the next generation of investors the opportunity to consciously channel their capital to influence a paradigm shift towards a world that works for everyone. This program offers resource abundant changemakers an understanding of the transformative power of authentic human connection and surrendered leadership in making investment decisions. Our team of experience designers, transformational business coaches and mindfulness facilitators will offer participants opportunities for raised awareness. This experience will lead to an understanding of the power of physical connection, trust, communication, humility and vulnerability.

Using methodologies such as the Switch On Way, we empower investors to harness the transformative power of their financial resources by consciously channeling them into our curated network of pure projects. We believe that capital, when harnessed with wisdom and intelligence, has the unique capacity to solve global issues by leveraging social shifts and technological disruptions to solve planetary risks and stressors. This program allows for transformational investors to discover this wisdom and intelligence in order to create urgent systemic change and regenerative impact.

We are seeking investors who have the following qualities of transformation; investors who are sensitive to the following shifts:

  1. Shift from capital that reinforces destructive patterns to capital that creates breakthrough ideas / disruptive innovation.

  2. Shift from single issue solutions to wholesome, living and adaptive systems change.

  3. Shift from requiring limiting prerequisites to being comfortable with things that can’t be measured.

  4. Shift from hierarchical control models to swarm models / crowd intelligence.

  5. Shift from ownership and property to a stewardship model / commons model.

  6. Shift from capital that creates extractive business models to capital that creates regenerative models that are in a deep interplay with nature.

  7. Shift from capital that creates inequality and injustice to capital that creates thriving communities with joy and connection.

  8. Shift from capital that alienates us from spiritual understanding to capital that connects us to webs of meaning, community and collective purpose.

This program is held seasonally and has a maximum capacity of 25 people per training. Completion of this program grants you membership into the Pure network, offering access to our curated network of shared resources, skilled labor, aligned investment capital, our retreat centers, private gatherings and much more.

Our application and interview process is a crucial part of the curation of the Pure membership. Our team will review each application in-depth to assess alignment with our community. To be sure that you align with our values, please read our about page. Our team will respond to you within two weeks of your submission.

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